Cowboys, Dak Prescott agree to a four-year $160 million contract: What does this means for both parties

After what has seemed like never ending discussions on sport debate shows and negotiations, the Dak Prescott contract saga has come to an end.

The superstar QB and the Dallas Cowboys came to an agreement on a massive four year, $160 million contract, with more than $120 million guaranteed

The contract puts Prescott’s annual average second among all quarterbacks behind only Kansas City’s Patrick Mahomes.

To dig even deeper into the deal, it includes a $66 million signing bonus and $75 million in the first year, according to multiple reports, both of which are NFL records.

Prescott, who is entering his age 27 season, is coming off a season ending ankle fracture, but is on track to be ready for the regular season. It will be his sixth season under center for the Cowboys going 42-27 as a starter and leading the team to two playoff appearances. He has thrown for 17,634 yards, 106 touchdowns and 40 interceptions while adding 24 rushing touchdowns in 69 career games.

He’s been a leader personified, the face of the franchise, and never once fumbling the image.

But now all of that becomes irrelevant. Prescott must do what he hasn’t yet accomplished: carry the Cowboys to a Super Bowl title while the team around him diminishes due to his massive pay day.

Cowboys Perspective

Jerry Jones probably costed himself tens of millions of dollars by prolonging this contract and franchise tagging Prescott a year ago, so he has nobody to blame for giving out a record setting deal but himself.

With that said, the decision was a painfully obvious one to make. Take a look at the division, and more importantly the QB’s in the division.

The Philadelphia Eagles traded Carson Wentz and are half in on Jalen Hurts. The Washington Football Team have no QB. The New York Giants have Daniel Jones, the most fumbling QB in the league.

By simply having Prescott, the Cowboys should win the division almost by default. Sure the defense is a mess, Ezekiel Elliot is regressing quickly and the one best O-Line in the sport is crumbling, but the got their franchise QB, the hardest position to get right.

The Cowboys should have a top-10 quarterback for the next four seasons, and they can now better chart their course toward Super Bowl contention.

But building a team around Prescott just became extremely hard considering the amount he will be against the cap. Overtime he won’t be able to have 3 greta revivers, a star back, a dominant O-line, and have money to spend on the defense. He is going to lose weapons in the coming years but that is the pay off to being paid.

The Cowboys front office now has to finesse situations and find diamonds in the rough during the draft.

Prescott’s Perspective

Prescott had all the leverage, and he exercised it well. He could have played next season on the franchise tag and then hit free agency in 2022. The Cowboys had to incentivize him to sign a long-term deal. In NFL history, only Patrick Mahomes has received more guaranteed money The massive guaranteed money and signing bonus were more than enough of an incentive. He also got a full no-trade clause so he controls his fate, putting to rest those Russell Wilson to Dallas for Prescott rumors.

The deal also takes Prescott til his age 31 season. He will yet again be lined up for a massive pay day, and if he lives up to this one, he will have all the leverage once again.

In the present, he gets to stay in a place he has called home his entire career. Familiarity, love and respect is something that doesn’t come easy in the NFL, so when you have it and can get the bag, secure it. Prescott did just that.

The weapons surrounding him are also elite. CeeDee Lamb, Michael Gallup and Amari Cooper are as good of a wide receiver trio you will find. Zeke isn’t what he once was, but combine him with a Tony Pollard and you have yourself a dynamic duo out the back field.

He has all the makings to help him elevate and maintain his spot as a top 10 QB.

This deal for Prescott is a home run for Prescott.

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