Cuomo:Yankees and Mets to Finish Spring Training in New York, if MLB Resumes Play

The Yankees and Mets are headed back home to finish Spring Training  in New York.

Governor Andrew Cuomo and team owners agreed to the plan after a rise in Covid-19 cases in Florida. Cuomo made the announcement Saturday morning, saying he would love to stop by and see the teams train.

“I think New York now is especially attractive, compared to the other states, because we have such a low transmission rate, and this is a state that is ready, willing and able to partner with sports teams so that they can play,” Cuomo said. “To have spring training in New York, that is a really great development…that is the first bit of really good news when it comes to baseball that we’ve had in a long time.”

The Yankees organization sent out a email to all of its players and employees that “an employee” who had been working at George M. Steinbrenner Field tested positive and had been out of the complex since Tuesday. They were also told that beginning this Monday, “or as soon as possible,” they will begin saliva-testing all employees for the coronavirus.

The Yankees and Mets are not alone in shutting down their spring training complex in Florida. All 30 MLB teams have shut their spring training facilities in Florida and Arizona due to the reemergence of Covid cases.

MLB had hoped to start the season during the first week of July, but owners and the MLBPA are engaged in a bitter fight over how to apportion revenue losses caused by the pandemic. So it is safe to say the targeted date of restarting the season will not be met. But with the rise of Covid cases in Florida and other states, the season that is already up in the air, may never start up.

But if the season does start, there will be baseball in New York. Gov. Cuomo has said both the Yankees and Mets can play games at home but obviously without fans. Only time will tell if we get baseball in 2020.

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