Despite This Season Being Chaotic, It Remains LeBron’s Best Chance at a 4th Ring

The last time we saw Lebron James play, he had just carried his team to victories over the Los Angeles Clippers and Milwaukee Bucks. James averaged 32.5 points in statement wins against the two threats to the Lakers title hopes.

An interesting wrinkle from that weekend that had gone under the radar with all that followed was James acknowledging that he is on the back 9 of his stellar career. 

“It’s my job, not only on the floor to get guys opportunities, get them great looks, but to inspire them as well,” James said after the Lakers 112-103 win over the Clippers. “To show them that I’m not slowing down, even at this stage of my career. So, it’s just a blessing … to be able to do what I’m doing at this juncture of my career.”

It is rare to see a player who is averaging 25.7 points, 7.9 rebounds  and a league high 10.6 assists per game, accept that his time at the top could be questioned. The media had been asking how much longer can James continue to play at this level? So I am sure James recognized the growing concern while also making it a point to say, hey not yet.

We will likely never see James fall off a cliff production wise, he is too talented. But a drop-off always comes out of nowhere. So it is only logical that with each year that passes, the chances of James winning another ring will decrease.

But I believe that will be even more so following this chaotic season. All teams are more rested than ever heading into the playoffs, but I believe it benefits the Lakers the most. James will have fresh legs to endure the grueling playoffs like never before. Anthony Davis will not be dealing with any nagging injuries from the regular season. The veteran supporting cast of Danny Green, Rajon Rondo, Dwight Howard and Javale Mcgree have been through the vigorous playoffs in the past so there won’t be any uncertainty with what lies ahead. This opportunity to capture a title is one the Lakers can not let pass them. 

The quick turnaround, an “offseason” compressed into 28 days between Game 7 of the finals and the first day of training camp, only intensifies the challenges the Lakers would face in 2020-21. It will be James’ age 36 season. Antony Davis, while expected to resign, isn’t on contract. There are no guarantees that the supporting cast will remain intact. A short training camp will only make it harder to build team chemistry and continuity.

Add on the presumed health of the Brooklyn Nets next season, the continued growth of Giannis Antetokounmpo, another year of Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to mesh, and the Boston Celtics core developing, the Lakers championship window with James is closing more each year.

If the Lakers are going to win a championship with James– If one of the greatest players of all time is going to capture his fourth ring– this chaotic, unprecedented season is strangely the best opportunity. 


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