Mike Trout agrees to 12-year/$430 Million Extension With the Los Angeles Angels

After an exhausting 4 month long MLB free agency where both Bryce Harper and Manny Machado attempted to break the record deal for a North American athlete, it took Mike Trout just a few weeks to shatters the record deal by $100 million.

When I seen the ESPN notification, I was shocked. I was not shocked at the length, nor the $430 price tag. but shocked that Trout decided to commit to a losing organization for the duration of his career. However, after giving it some thought, the deal makes sense for both parties involved.

Trout’s Viewpoint

Since Trout entered the league there have been zero debates on who the best player in the MLB . Putting up monster numbers year after year, either winning the MVP, or finishing right behind the winner. So for Trout to shatter the previous record deal makes sense. The 12-years secure that Trout has a home until the end of his career, something every athlete seeks. The $430 million total not only sets his family up for generations, but it also gives him the appropriate value to his production on the field. The best player should be the highest paid player in the game, and for the first time since probably Alex Rodriguez back in the early 2000’s, that claim is true.

Angels Viewpoint

For the Los Angeles Angels, the deal is a no brainer. The franchise is a second class citizen in its own state to the Dodgers, so losing Trout would make their popularity fall even more. It might sound crazy but the Angels paying Trout $35 million a year is actually a bargain, and the $430 million is short of what I expected Trout to receive. He passes the eye test for scouts, he is the embodiment of the perfect analytics player. Trout hits for power, and contact, while having high on base and slugging percentages. On the defensive side of the ball, Trout has won Gold Gloves for his play in centerfield. Oh and he can steal you 30 bases in his sleep. Look up 5-tool-player and you will see Mike Trout, so there is no shock to see the Angels do everything to lock up their franchise player.

Impact on the league

The growing consensus around the league was Mike Trout would hold off on any extension with the Los Angels Angels as he had sights on returning home to the east coast to be closer to his childhood home in New Jersey. People speculated Trout would join either Bryce harper in Philadelphia after persistent recruitment, or the New York Yankees. But with the 12 year extension with no opt-out for Trout, those rumors have been shot down. It would be hard to move a contract of this massive size, and even harder for the Angels to pull the trigger on a deal. So sorry Harper, it looks like you are on your own for the next 13 years in Philadelphia.

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