The Lakers Didn’t Make a Move At The Deadline And That is Okay

Sometimes its the move you don’t make that turns out to be the difference maker. The Los Angeles Lakers hope that holds true this season as Rob Pelinka did not pull the trigger on any deal prior to today’s 3:00 pm trade deadline. Leading up to the deadline, it was seen as an arms race between the two LA teams to see who would land that difference maker to put one team ahead of the other. The Clippers prevailed as they landed Forward Marcus Morris form the New York Knicks in exchange for Moe Harkless and a 1st round draft pick.

The initial uprise on social media was that the Los Angeles Clippers, the team across the hall from the Lakers, vastly improved with the acquisition of Forward Marcus Morris while the Lakers sat on their hands. The first part of that statement is true, the Clippers got better than they were before the trade. But to say the Lakers sat on their hands is an inaccurate assumption to take considering the deals they turned down.

The New York Knicks were asking the Lakers for Kyle Kuzma, Danny Green and second round picks in exchange of Morris. Not only is that an extreme over pay for Marcus Morris, the Lakers would also be worse as a team. Danny Green is the Lakers best and most consistent perimeter defender, and Kyle Kuzma’s offensive production is equivalent to what Morris would produce as the third option behind LeBron and Davis. I do see the value Morris brings to a team, he’s a rough rider, a dog that is going to fight on both ends of the floor. But with the Lakers already thin on depth, specifically scoring depth, losing two of the better shooters on the roster in Green and Kuzma was simply too much of a steep price to pay for Morris.

Another thing to consider is, the Lakers biggest need is not a wing player, its actually at the point guard position. When LeBron sits during a game, the Lakers offense become anemic because there is nobody that comes in at the point guard position that can both score and facilitate. While the Lakers have a handful of bodies they run at point guard including Avery Bradley who gets the starting minutes, with a mix of Rajon Rondo, Alex Caruso, Quinn Cook, and Troy Daniels off the bench, there is no clear cut scoring playmaker who can run the offense in James’ absence. On paper Rondo is supposed to be that guy but Rondo lost a step or two and is no longer capable of being that consistent player. Although the trade deadline has passed, the Lakers still have the ability to improved the teams weaknesses before the playoffs.

Darren Collison, who retired prior to the season, has had second thoughts and wants to make a return to the league. Reports have linked the Lakers to Collison since it was rumored that he was interested in making a return to the league, and I can see why the two parties have interest in one another. Like stated earlier, the Lakers need another guard to solidify their offense when LeBron is on the bench. Collison needs a job and is familiar with head coach Frank Vogel. Collison brings well needed shooting (led the league in 3 point percentage in 2017-18) and playmaking at the guard position. Adding him into the fold could be the missing piece to the Lakers championship run.

Lakers brass, Collison and his agent were seen having dinner prior to tonights Lakers game vs the Rockets.

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