The NBA Documentaries That We Want Next

The recent success of “The Last Dance” documentary got me thinking. There is a very long list of NBA stories that deserve their own platform. Apparently producers and players have thought the same as a Redeem Team documentary is in the works, with a Kobe Bryant documentary on the horizon.

Quarantine late nights had my mind wandering and here are some NBA documentaries I would love to see produced one day.

Lebron James’ Life

This speaks for itself. We got Magic and Birds documentary, we got Jordan’s, and Kobe’s is in the work. The next logical legend to get his roses in a documentary is Lebron James.

This, like the Warriors one, would have to be about 20 years down the road so it would touch a new generation. LeBron’s greatness could be broken into countless documentaries. Could focus on his career with the Cavs, his Big 3 era in Miami, his mogul lifestyle, his charitable endeavors. The topics are endless.

The producing ability of Lebron would make this both an amazing piece, but in the same breath possibly not reaching its full potential. I would be worried LeBron would want too much control of what was released, who was involved. When this gets made, I would prefer it is raw and he doesn’t have complete control of the production. I want all the stories, both good and bad.

Golden State Warriors Dynasty

Whether you like their tactics of adding Kevin Durant to their stacked 73 win team, or not, there is no denying the Warriors deserve a documentary one day. The rise of the baby face assassin Steph Curry and the lovable up and coming Warriors, to their historic 73 win season. Then the ultimate low point when they blew a 3-1 lead to Lebron James and the Cavs. That in itself could get a 30 For 30.

Can you imagine the behind the scenes stories we would uncover with their recruitment of Kevin Durant? The relationship between Draymond Green and Durant in the final year, getting aired out like dirty laundry would be something entertaining.

Maybe we get some insight on Durant rushing back to play in the Finals, only to get hurt again. Was it because he felt pressure from teammates?

We haven’t even touched on Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala, both who have strong opinions. Speaking of strong opinions, how about getting Steve Kerr to speak freely and openly about his and the team’s hatred for Donald Trump. I could watch that all day.

The point is, the team accomplished so much and was very outspoken. Don’t expect that to change when they sit down for a tell all documentary.

Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook Feud

After the obvious shock I felt when Kevin Durant signed with the Golden State Warriors, my first thought was “I want to see a Westbrook-Durant sit-down convo years from now.” I would honestly be content if they did one of those face to face sit downs like Magic and Isiah Thomas did, and eventually Shaq and Kobe did. But I feel like a documentary where we get everyone from those Thunder teams, friends, other NBA Stars, to speak on it as well. Insights we could get about their relationship behind the scenes and off the court.

Clearly there was a true relationship there considering how intense the battles were each time they faced off. You don’t get as mad as Westbrook was if he didn’t genuinely feel betrayed on a personal level. This seems like a no brainer.

The San Antonio Spurs Dynasty

You’re probably scratching your head with this one, but true NBA fans would love to get some insight into the 20 year dynasty. There has never been a less interesting group of star players and champions than the Spurs. Tim Duncan never said or did anything controversial. Parker and Ginobili followed Duncan’s way. When we get to the latter championship team, Kawhi Leonard never said a thing, period. Honestly I remember Leonard speaking one time as a Spur and it was after he won the title. He was asked “who is Kawhi Leonard?” after dominating the series. With a straight face and as monotone one could be he said “I’m Kawhi Leonard, SF for the San Antonio Spurs.”

The only voice we heard from the franchise is Gregg Popovich. He isn’t shy about speaking his mind, just ask Trump, who has been ripped to shreds countless times over the years by Coach Pop.

So why is this so interesting and worthy of a documentary?

The Spurs dynasty spans across generations, styles of play, rule changes, and yet their winning ways were consistent throughout. Gregg Popovich changed philosophies, rosters, coaching habits. He won with Duncan and Robinson. The won with his big 3, featuring the offense around a French kid Tony Parker. His 2013-14 teams were old, but featured youth. They were made up of foreign players from across the globe. The blending of cultures, mindsets, and play styles is something I would be enamored with.


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