To Honor Kobe and Gigi: Support the WNBA

“What defines legacy? Is it stats? Championships? Mindset? Kobe Bryant had it all. But for women’s basketball perhaps the most important thing left behind is inspiration.”

During the WNBA Draft on ESPN, they aired a remembering Kobe Bryant segment in which WNBA players, coaches, etc told stories of Kobe’s impact on the women’s sport. Here is the clip.

The following quotes are from the video package above.

“We lost potentially the greatest ally that this sport could ever hope for.”- Geno Auriemma UCONN Head Coach

“He was changing the narrative.”- Chiney Ogwumike, WNBA Player and ESPN Analyst

“The most important imprint he’s left is having us feel equal. He believed in women’s sports.”- Sabrina Ionescu

What I took away most form the video package ESPN put together was why is so easy for an NBA legend to dedicate his retirement to being an ambassador for the game, while you, a person who claims to love sports and is busy doing nothing while sitting on the couch, refuses to give it a chance?

I don’t understand why people choose to not support the WNBA and women sports. The slander of the WNBA is non stop on social media. Even in the video above there are comments bashing the WNBA. All I ask is why? Why hate on these athletes? Why are you stuck in the tasteless mindset that depict’s women as stay at home moms and cooks? Is it that much fun being stuck on stupid?

Kobe Was Present in Women’s Basketball

Kobe Bryant was helping bring well deserved attention to the sport. He made it a point to show his face, give time to the athletes, and support the sport. And this wasn’t for show, Kobe was really invested.

He was present at WNBA All-Star Games. He was present the night his good friend Diana Taurasi became the all time scoring leader.

Kobe and his daughters courtside as Diana Taurasi becomes the all time scorer

At the college level, Bryant was often on the sidelines at UCONN games. At his hip was his daughter Gigi, who wanted to attend the college when her time came. He was holding private workout sessions with the likes of Sabrina Ionescu to help further their skill level.

Kobe and Gigi at a UCONN Women’s basketball game

Even at the AAU level, he was present. In fact more than present as he coached his daughters team the triangle offense, a system the New York Knicks couldn’t figure out. He created the Mamba Academy to help develop and teach youth girls how to play the game.

Kobe was dedicating the second part of his life to furthering the sport, and family time. He was adamant about leaving the sport and the world in a better place for his daughters. But his life was tragically cut short, instantly cutting all future plans.

So instead of slandering the WNBA, why don’t you honor the lives of Kobe and Gigi by supporting the WNBA? You gain nothing from spreading hate, except a few pointless likes and retweets. But by simply watching an WNBA game, or showing your own daughter that being a professional athlete is an option, can make a difference.

Also don’t tell me you wouldn’t be interested in watching actual basketball when you literally watched Harrison Barnes get smoked by 40 in a 2k tournament aired on ESPN. I’m not even saying you have to love the sport, but at the very least show respect to the athletes and stop the slander. Because we all know they’ll drop 30 on you no problem.

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