Welcome to The Show Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the 20-year-old son of Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero, and top prospect in all of baseball made his much anticipated debut Friday night in Toronto. Prior to the game Vladimir Guerrero Jr. debut game, his father Hall of Famer Vladimir Guerrero released a touching video.


“I didn’t know when I gave you my name, that I’d also give you my swing, or even my love of the game. I am so proud of you my son.”

Vladimir Guerrero Sr. to Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

If you want to know how similar the father and son are on the field, take a look at their swings side by side

The only thing scarier than the identical swings are the identical minor league stats by the father and son.

Vlad Jr. Debut Game

Vladimir Guerrero Jr., the top prospect in all of baseball, finally made his highly anticipated debut Friday night, and everyone has been talking about it. Whether it be because we are in the height of the social media age, or if it is because the kid is such a phenom, we have not seen this much hype around a baseball player making their debut since Bryce Harper did back in 2012. The atmosphere in the Rogers Center from the second Guerrero Jr. walked in with his fathers Montreal Expos jersey was nothing short of electric.

Before the game even began, Guerrero Jr. put on a show for the crowd in batting practice where he casually hits a homerun off of the windows in the outfield.

The Blue Jays fans cave to their feet with a thunderous applause when Guerrero Jr. steps into the box for the first time in his career. Listen beyond Lil Nas X “Old Town Road” to the crowds ovation for their new face of the franchise.

Despite recording an out in his first three plate appearances, Vlad Jr. did not disappoint. He picked up his first career hit, a double in the bottom of the 9th, which set up a Brandon Drury walk off home run. Here is a look at his first career hit.

How is the locker room handling the induction of the hyped 20-year-old? Take a look inside the locker room after the game.

If the kids first game is an indication for what’s to come, the Blue Jays and their fans have potentially found their building block for years. Guerrero Jr.

Welcome to the show Vladimir Guerrero Jr.

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