What if Steph Curry Was Drafted by the Knicks?

The New York Knicks were one pick away from nabbing Stephen Curry in the 2009 draft. But in Knicks fashion, the future hall of famer went the pick before, leaving New York with Jordan Hill.

Had the Warriors passed on the Davidson phenom, the Knicks would have drafted Curry. According to NBA insider Marc J. Spears, Curry and his camp were hoping that the Warriors would pass on him, allowing him to fall to New York with the eighth pick.

We all know the legend of Curry. A 3x NBA Champion, 2x MVP, Curry revolutionized the game with his 3 point shooting. As for Jordan Hill, he wouldn’t even finish his rookie season with the Knicks as he was dealt to Houston.

But what if the Warriors hadn’t drafted Curry? What if they passed on the slight frame shooter like the other 5 teams did? I mean Minnesota passed on Curry twice, selecting two point guards (Ricky Rubio and Jonny Flynn) to add insult to injury.

In this alternate universe, the Knicks finally catch a break and Curry falls to them at pick 8. But does Curry reach the same heights under the bright lights of New York? Is the game forever changed if he is not teamed up with his splash brother Klay Thompson? Could Curry be the guy to end Knicks fans misery and bring them a title?

Oh and in this what if scenario, we are implying that the Knicks are not totally inept at every single way, and Curry doesn’t have ankle issues.

2009-10 NBA Season

In Curry’s rookie season, the New York Knicks were their usual self; a dumpster fire. Finishing with a 29-53 record, the Knicks, led by current Rockets Head Coach Mike D’Antoni, were in need of some reinforcements. Curry would thrive in D’Antoni’s fast paced offensive system. As for the reinfoirments, help was on the way that offseason.

2010 Offseason

The New York Knicks, after missing out on Lebron James, focused in on Phoenix big man Amare Stoudemire. Familiar with the D’Antoni system, Stoudemire would thrive in the pick and roll game with the young Curry handling the ball.

2010-11 NBA Season

People are quick to forget the first half of the 2010-11 NBA season where Stoudemire was in the MVP conversation as he thrived under D’Antoni. What everyone remembers about the Knicks this season was trading away damn near the entire team to bring in Carmelo Anthony.

But with Stoudemire playing at an elite level, and Curry showing promise in the backcourt, do the Knicks blow up the team to bring in Melo?

The answer is no as they are confident in their ability to sign him in free agency with their attractive pieces.

A Steph Curry-Landry Fields-Danillo Gallinari- Wilson Chandler-Amare Stoudemire starting 5 with Raymond Felton and Timofey Mozgov off the bench, is the rotation for the season.

The Knicks keep up the first half pace where they were 28-26, and sneak into the weak Eastern Conference playoffs.  However they have no chance at winning as they are matched up with the Miami Heat Big 3.

2011 NBA Playoffs

The Knicks get swept by Miami in this series, but it was expected. After missing the playoffs, it was important for New York to just be present and on that stage again.

Stoudemire played very well, but it was also expected as he had been on the stage from his time with the Suns.

The story for the Knicks was that the young scrawny kid from Davidson held his own in a playoff series. Curry was able to explode for 35 in game one, catching the attention of the Heat and the rest of the NBA. This became important for the Knicks offseason.

2011 Offseason

The lone goal of both the Knicks and Carmelo Anthony was to come to an agreement, and they did. A max contract for 4 years, giving the Knicks its three core players for the foreseeable future. New York also picked up J.R. Smith and center Tyson Chandler over the summer.

2011-12 NBA Season

For the first time since Patrick Ewing was leading the way, the New York Knicks have some expectations to live up to. Anthony and Stoudemire make up one of the leagues best backcourts. Both players coming off a 26 points per game season, the duo is amongst the best scoring tandem the league has to offer. Curry takes a drastic leap in production here in his third season, but is still the third option behind the two all star forwards.

The Knicks lineup of Curry-Smith-Melo-Amare-Chandler with Felton, Fields, Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and rookie Iman Shumpert off the bench gives the Knicks a bunch of talent and depth.

The team does have its flaws, particularly on the defensive end with only Tyson Chandler as an elite defender, but the offensive fire power if enough for the Knicks to finish as a top 4 seed in the conference trailing just Miami Boston and Chicago.

2012 NBA Playoffs

The Knicks defeat the young Pacers team in round one of the playoffs, giving New York its first playoff series win in years. But the level of difficulty would soon pick up as they had to face off against the Boston Celtics

The Celtics big 3 is near the end of their run of dominance, but the talent and experience is still present. The Knicks lack the continuity and talent, coming up short of advancing to the conference finals.

But Curry was a standout in the series, going heads to head with Rajon Rondo and winning the battle. With back to back impressive playoffs, Curry is quickly making a name for himself.

2012-13 NBA Season

The 2012-13 NBA season is the true breakout season for Curry. Breaking through the glass ceiling, Curry has solidified himself as the clear second option behind Melo, surpassing Amare Stoudemire. Coming up just short of an all star appearance, Curry averaged 23 points and 7 assists on 44% shooting from 3 point range.

With multiple explosive games under the bright lights of MSG, Curry has quickly become the fan favorite and baby face of the league.

As for the Knicks, this has been the best season since Patrick Ewing maned the spotlight on the MSG hardwood. They won the Atlantic Division with 54 wins. The added veteran leadership of Jason Kidd and Kenyon Martin were vital to improving upon the chemistry and IQ of the team. Carmelo Anthony won the scoring title, and in the running for league MVP. JR Smith was in the running for 6th man of the year. Defensively, Tyson Chandler manning the paint leads the league in blocks, wining DPOY. All while the Knicks have their eyes set on a long playoff run.

2013 NBA Playoffs

This 2013 run signifies the progressive growth for the Knicks since drafting Curry. 2011 they got knock out round one, 2012 round 2, and here in 2013 they make the Conference finals after knocking off the Pacers and Celtics.

New York would once again run into a familiar foe as they are matched up with the Heat in the conference finals. Melo and LeBron go head to head for the countless time since high school, both put on a classic series. But Melo’s effort would have been squashed if it weren’t for Curry and Stoudemire’s performing Wade and Bosh.

Curry, Smith and Kidd dominated the guard matchup as Wade received little help from Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole. In the front court, Chandler was an intimidating presence on defense, and a true threat to score off lops from Kidd and Curry. Stoudemire’s strength was too much for the Heat’s small ball 4’s in Shane Battier and Rashard Lewis.

The Knicks pull off the upset of the year, defeating the Heat in 6 games, advancing on to face the Spurs in the finals.

2013 NBA Finals Spurs-Knicks

In a rematch of the 1999 NBA Finals (Duncan and Popovich 1st finals) the Spurs and Knicks link up for a battle of styles. The Spurs methodical way of sharing the ball and defending, against Mike D’Antoni’s 7 seconds or less fast paced offense.

Much like the mid 2000’s battles of Spurs-Suns, Popovich showcases that he and D’Antoni are just not in the same league when it comes to coaching. D’Antoni has no answer to Popovich’s defensive approach, nor the Spurs offense and the Pzurs take out the Knicks in just 5 games.

Unable to guard Tony Parker, nor able to find his stoke from 3, Curry struggled on both offense and defense all series.

Carmelo Anthony shined in his first NBA Finals, but the supporting cast and coaching staff let him down. Leaving him to question, do changes need to be made?

2013 NBA Offseason

The Knicks decide to keep D’Antoni as coach considering he got the team to the Finals. Jason Kidd retires and Amare Stoudemire spends the summer rehabbing his knees. Lack of cap space limits the moves to improve the team, and the moral going into the season is low for a team coming off a finals run.

2013-14 NBA Season

Stoudemire’s constant battle with his knees keeps him in and out of the rotation all season long, and the Knicks felt the hit. Hovering around .500, rumors start to leak out of the locker room that Melo and D’Antoni are not seeing eye to eye. D’Antoni wants to push Curry as the featured player, and Melo is not ready to pass the torch.

Both Melo and Curry do have outstanding seasons. Curry makes his first all star game, and wins the 3point contest. Melo once again battles for the scoring title, but the team success just isn’t there.

Never recapturing the magic of the previous season, the Knicks finish the season at the bottom half of the playoff picture and little confidence of doing damage.

 2014 NBA Playoffs

The Knicks round one matchup is the Indiana Pacers, a team the Knicks handled in the previous playoffs rather easy. But the rise of Paul George combined with the chemistry issues in New York, result in the Pacers advancing. The Knicks head into the offseason with a boat load of problems.

2014 NBA Offseason

The Knicks part ways with Head Coach Mike D’Antoni and this time around secure the coach they missed out on in real life. The Knicks sign Steve Kerr as head coach and chemistry issues are quickly fixed. As for the roster, the Knicks make some changes with the new found cap space.

Looking to add depth and defense to support Curry and Anthony, the Knicks bring in a number of 3 and D players. Forward Trevor Ariza, who epitomizes defense and has a championship pedigree, signs with New York where his career started in 2004.

Talking about championship pedigree, the Knicks also bring in former Heat C and champion Chris Bosh as the Miami Big 3 era is over. Bosh fits in nicely in the spacing system Kerr wants to run while being able to protect the rim.

2014-15 NBA Season

A lot happened in 2014-15, but the sport changed forever with the ascension of Curry. Under Steve Kerr’s guidance, Curry not only reaches new heights, but he wins league MVP. Night after night Madison Square Garden is the place to be with Curry consistently draining 3 point shots 5 feet behind the line.

Melo, while still being the dominant isolation scorer, recognizes the excellence of Curry and accepts the second option role in hopes it lands him the first title of his career.

The new additions of Bosh and Ariza compliment Curry and Melo nicely, seamlessly filling their roles.

Steve Kerr wins coach of the year with the Knicks sitting atop the Eastern Conference.

2015 NBA Playoffs

The Knicks return to the conference finals and once again run into Lebron James but this time with the Cavs. Despite James going to the Finals in recent years, his supporting cast of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love have no winning experience. On the flip side, the Knicks have been built on experience with the acquisitions of Bosh and Ariza. Curry has reached MVP level and Melo continues to be a lethal scorer.

The Knicks just have too much talent and experience for the Cavs to overcome and they advance to the NBA Finals.

2015 NBA Finals: Knicks vs. Lob City Clippers

With no Steph Curry/ Warriors out West, the door opened for the “Lob City” Clippers to break through and reach the NBA Finals. Once again Melo has to go through a fellow friend in CP3 if he wants to win his title.

The Clippers are stacked with talent, and have the head coach in Doc Rivers to match up with Steve Kerr. But the two big lineup of Blake Griffen and DeAndre Jordan struggle to defend the 5 out offense the Knicks are running. Curry gets his highlight reel against the Clippers and Melo thrives with spaced floor.

The Knicks who are the more complete and ready team, win the series and become NBA Champions for the first time since 1973. Melo, not Curry lands Finals MVP, but nonetheless the parade is on in the streets of NYC.

2015-16 NBA Season

Coming off of the best season in modern history, the Knicks have a title hangover early on but quickly put it past them. The core of the team is still intact and Curry once again takes his game to another level. Curry goes back to back winning the MVP award.

There was also a first for Curry. He lead the league in scoring as Melo is in a slow decline. But there is still more than enough in Melo’s tank for the Knicks to once again be a top 2 seed with a deep playoff run in them.

2016 NBA Playoffs

Speaking of back to backs, the Knicks and Cavs meet again in the Conference Finals. This time Kyrie and Love are fully healthy and James is determined to bring home a title.

The series goes 6 games and Curry shines, but the dynamic duo of Irving and James allows the Cavs to best the aging Knicks roster.

2016 NBA Offseason

With Bosh off the books with his blood clots, and Melo opting out, the Knicks have a max slot available for none other than Kevin Durant. Much like the way Curry was attracted to Steve Kerr’s system in real life, he takes his talents to “the Mecca” of basketball to play with Curry.

The Knicks let Melo walk and bring in complimentary players with less milage on their bodies. Eric Gordon, Evan Fournier fill out the wing vacancies and Zaza Pachulia replaces Bosh as the Knicks cap off their best free agency ever.

2016-17 NBA Season

The Eastern Conference is a two team race between the Knicks and Cavs. Despite the Cavs coming off a championship, the Knicks are projected to win the East. The odd setters were proven right as Durant and Curry run through the East both averaging 27 points per game and securing the top seed.

The Cavs and Knicks were blowing through the conference and heading to a potentially all time great conference finals.

2017 NBA Playoffs

Durant-Lebron, Kyrie-Curry, the series has battles within the war that are very intriguing. Durant and James battling for best player in the world, while Curry and Irving go head to head for bragging rights at the PG position.

All four of the stars play up to the hype, but Durant will not be denied of the chance of getting his first ring. The series goes 7 games and home court advantage is everything. Game 7 in MSG and Curry and Durant live up to the moment. Both knocking down clutch shots, the Knicks find themselves winning the war and heading to the Finals.

2017 NBA Finals: Knicks vs Spurs

With no Warriors team to get in their way, the Kawhi Leonard led San Antonio Spurs are once again in the NBA Finals. Despite Duncan being retired, the Spurs are a formidable opponent with the duo of Leonard and Aldridge carrying the offensive load while still having veterans like Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker to lean on. But truthfully the true threat was taken care of in the conference finals.

The duo of Curry and Durant are too much for the Spurs to handle defensively. With Leonard guarding Durant, Curry is able to pick apart the Spurs old roster. New York wins in 5 games, avenging the finals losses in 1999 and 2013.

2017-18 NBA Season

With Kyrie forcing a trade to Boston, the Knicks led by Durant and Curry are the clear cut title favorites. While both have MVP campaigns, they cancel each other out in the voting. This allows James Harden to take home the award.

As for the Knicks, they finish with the leagues best record and look to repeat as NBA champions.

2018 NBA Playoffs

On star power alone, New York makes the Conference Finals setting up another series with Lebron James and the Cavs. Despite James averaging a 30 point triple-double for the series, the duo of Curry and Durant is too much overcome.

New York advances to the finals for a second straight year

2018 NBA Finals: Knicks vs Rockets

Another team breaks through the glass ceiling without the Warriors dynasty, and this time it is the Houston Rockets. James Harden and CP3 coached by former Knick Mike D’Antoni have a dynamic offense but lack the defensive component to their team.

Durant and Curry thrive against the weak defensive Rockets. Both players average 30 for the series and the Knicks make quick work of the Rockets, closing them out in just 5 games.

The Knicks are back to back NBA Champions.

2018 NBA Offseason

Curry and Durant both sign extensions as they are on top of the basketball world after going back to back in New York. But the team re tools around their stars.

With the rise of Philadelphia and Milwaukee, the Knicks add some size and strength. Dwight Howard in search of a lesser role and a championship signs on to be the muscle of the team.

2018-19 NBA Season

For the third time in as many years the New York Knicks are atop the Eastern Conference. With Lebron James out west in Los Angeles there is no true threat left in the conference. Giannis and the Bucks are still a few years away, and the 76ers still have not stayed healthy nor worked on floor spacing.

New York cruises all season long ending up with 60 wins and the leagues best record. Curry and Durant both join the 50-40-90 club as they dominate the weak Eastern Conference.

2019 NBA Finals: Knicks vs Rockets

In a repeat of the previous finals, New York and Houston link up once again. With neither team making huge changes to the roster, the outcome remains the same.

Curry, Durant and Harden all perform at the highest of offensive levels in the series, but once again D’Antoni’s unwillingness to address the defensive end of the ball cost him a title.

Curry take home the Finals MVP as the Knicks three-peat.


Curry drops one more spot to the Knicks and changes the outlook on the franchise. Instead of coming up short with Melo, the Knicks are able to win a ring, building upon his legacy.

Curry still goes on to be a 2x MVP and eventually link up with Durant and Steve Kerr. He still goes on to revolutionize the game.

The Western Conference becomes wide open as the Warriors dynasty never happens. This allows the Clippers and Rockets to break through to finals appearances.

The New York Knicks are no longer the laughing stock of the NBA. Rather sit at the throne for an extensive run. Knicks fans are not chanting for James Dolan to sell the team. Charles Oakley never gets carried out by security. Life is good for Knicks fans for the first time in generations.

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